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Summer Squash Recipes

The summer squash and zucchini are just starting to come in from my garden. It won’t be long before I am overwhelmed. I only planted two zucchini plants this year, so although I have a lot of zucchini, it is still manageable. However, this year I went wild and planted 3 crook neck squash and

Recipe Ideas for Summer Squash

Is your garden overflowing with squash? Did your neighbor play ding-dong-ditch and leave a bag of squash on your step? (Sorry! Please don’t egg me!) Or did you buy too much when your local store was selling it for .49 cents a pound? I was inspired by Amy’s wonderful list of zucchini recipes to create

Almost Free From the Garden: Salad

On our weekly menu plan I have garden salad listed several time a week. It probably sounds a little monotonous, but the salad is different every single time I make it. When I make a garden salad, I go out to the garden with a colander and pinch, pull, and cut until the colander is